Online design market – Application form

A Boutique Life design markets have some exciting news! We are launching ‘a Boutique Life’ design market ONLINE! Yes, this means that shoppers who missed the design market day or shoppers that experience Buyers’ Regret, and want to purchase something after market day, can search for and buy your products online through ‘a Boutique Life’!

Over the past 6 years, a Boutique Life has built up a fabulous reputation of offering shoppers high quality, unique and gorgeous fashion, art, homewares, Jewellery and Gourmet Food and wine. Our prominent and now recognisable branding, means that we have a huge following of South Australian discerning shoppers and loyal market goers that follow us from location to location. Our Social Media platforms; Facebook and Instagram are continually growing, with a current total of over 7,000 followers.

Introducing an Online design market means that you could benefit from our branding and reputation to sell your products!

A Boutique Life design market Online operates as follows:

• You operate and manage your own online store; images, stock, pricing, transactions, deliveries – this means you need your own website, or Social Media Page, with the ability for people to buy your products online
• Your online store would be accessed by and advertised to shoppers via our website along with being linked to our Facebook & Instagram pages
• No commission would be charged on sales resulting from customers accessing your online
store via our website
• Subscription fees are payable after your application to be part of the Online Market is approved

We are therefore taking Applications as of today for this new adventure!

If this sounds like something that you and your brand would like to be a part of, we invite you to please read carefully and complete the application form below!


**Please note that in order for us to consider your Online market application, you must have participated in one or more of our design markets between 2016 – 2018**

We are seeking products in the categories of :-

  1. Fashion (Ladies and Men’s)
  2. Jewellery
  3. Home decor
  4. Gifts (Art / Stationery)
  5. Other accessories (hats, scarves, handbags, etc.)
  6. Personal Care
  7. Gourmet food and wine
  8. Event catering (outdoor)
  9. Children’s wear and accessories
  10. Children’s entertainment

We appreciate and encourage all to apply, but please keep in mind when applying that we are representing a boutique and design event with high end products and services. Direct sales need not apply.

To present an excellent range for our patrons and maximise sales for each designer, there are limited spaces in each category.

When we are processing applications, we have criteria, which we follow in order to prioritise the more ideal products to be represented at ABL. Your application, including images, online descriptions and all aspects of your business are seriously and carefully considered.

These criteria we look at in particular are items that are short run, items that are locally made/sourced, eco-friendly, unique and aimed at our target market of 30-year-old+ consumers.

This does not mean that each designers product has to meet every criteria,  this just helps us to choose between multiple applicants in the same category!


Once you have been notified of your acceptance to the Online Market, you will be invoiced according to your chosen payment method. Once we have received payment, your online shopfront will go live on the Home page of Boutique Life website.

A Boutique Life Pty Ltd reserves the right to accept/reject any application based on the selection criteria outlined above. If you are rejected for one of our markets this will not negatively impact your application for a future design market with us or as an online market provider.


As a small business owner, you will understand that we ask for all invoices to be paid by their due date. Late payment is accepted by early negotiation only. We understand only too well, that cash flow can cause issues with payment and we are open and understanding about this. We ask that you respectfully notify us, and negotiate if you need to make alternative payment arrangements.

Payments are due within 7 days of your acceptance to the online market. If paying monthly by direct debit, the first payment is due within 7 days of acceptance to the online market.


If payment is not received by the due date on your invoice, your online shopfront position may be given to another applicant. If your monthly direct debit payment is more than 7 days overdue, your shopfront will be taken down and your position may be given to another applicant.

We welcome your feedback and gratefully take on board your ideas and opinions! If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, or ideas, we would really appreciate you getting in touch. Our email address is pm on our Instagram or Facebook page.

Here’s to a successful online collaboration with South Australian designers and artisans!
Penny & Tracey

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insta – @aboutiquelife
tweet – #aboutiquelife


Please select which online platform you would like your online shopfront to link through to for customers: website, Facebook page or Instagram page
Please upload 3 product photos here. Any of these photos will be chosen to be your shopfront on our home page. Each photo must be square and at least 400px x 400px and over 150KB in resolution
Select your online market subscription option by choosing a 6 month or 12 month duration and then an upfront payment or monthly direct debit payments