a Boutique Life Christmas Market

blog images-3 November 19

Held in┬áNovember 2016 at St. John’s Grammar School, nestled in the picturesqe Adelaide Hills, strolling around the Boutique Life Christmas Market was was a perfect way to spend a gloomy Sunday morning.

a Boutique Life market is an event aimed at bringing products made by an array of South Australian artists, designers and creators of all varieties to the public. With local food vendors, live music and over X 70 stalls, the popularity of the market should not be underestimated. From abstract resin art to terrariums, rope jewellery to amazing vegan cakes and back again the market experience itself, it had something for every style.

Walking down the isles, it’s a pleasure for the senses. It was a great way to spend the morning and showcase the amazing talents of some of South Australia’s talented creatives.

The next market will be held on the 19th March, 2017 at St John’s Grammar School, Belair.

If you are a South Australian artisan or designer, and are interested in showcasing your amazing products, simply click and apply here!.